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Cove Decal Set

by Cove
Price $25.00

After a couple of seasons of hard use, your decals eventually pay a price for all the shutteling, crashes and muddy rides.
But don't worry we got you covered!

We offer you a fresh decal kit consisting of the following stickers:

  • 2 top tube stickers with the bikes' name(Please choose the correct variant above.)
  • 2 large downtube Cove stickers
  • 1 small downtube maple leaf Cove sticker
  • 2 small Cove skull stickers for the top tube.
  • 1 Cove skull for the headtube (Not Included when headbadge option is chosen)
  • Optional: Add a aluminium head badge for only $5 extra instead of $10.
    Please select the option above.

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