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Cove Hustler 27.5

// HUSTLER 27.5


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Almost 30 years of killing it on the North Shore.
Cove. It doesn't get any realer.

Our Mission: Designing, testing and building world class mountain bike frames. Bad Ass Bikes Built to Withstand the SHORE.

Our products include 10 frames: Shocker, STD, G-Spot, Hooker, Hummer, Handjob, Stiffee, Hustler, Foreplay and Sanchez.Currently you are able to order the Shocker, the STD and the G-Spot through our online shop. Shortly, we will have two 650B bikes ready for you. The new Hummer 650Bj is almost ready to roll.

1395 Main Street North Vancouver, BC V7J 1C4 Canada +1 604-929-2222