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Cove Hustler 27.5

// HUSTLER 27.5


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Over 35 years of killing it on the North Shore.
Cove. It doesn't get any realer.

Our Mission: Designing, testing and building world class mountain bike frames. Bad Ass Bikes Built to Withstand the SHORE.

Our products include 10 frames: Shocker, STD, G-Spot, Hooker, 650B Hummer, Handjob, Stiffee, 650B Hustler, Foreplay and Sanchez.  Currently you are able to order the 650B Hustler, 650B Hummer, Shocker, the STD and the G-Spot through our online shop.

1395 Main Street North Vancouver, BC V7J 1C4 Canada +1 604-929-2222