Way back in 1981, when off-road rippers were all on single speed cruisers, and gnarl was slick and slippery singletrack, Cove Bike Shop owner Chaz Romalis and his Bro's had a little shop in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC

Over the years, as sick North Shore riding kept getting sicker, the trails began witnessing a high volume of busted helmets, battered egos and torn bagskins. Chaz and his faithful hound Gramps soon realized that if they were going to keep riding and reproducing, they had better do some redesigning.

In 1992, after years of North Shore testing and riding, Cove Bikes emerged to release the world’s first North Shore freeride bike. The riding, testing and torn bagskins didn't stop.

Today, Cove Bikes is an integral part of the North Shore scene. We offer our own line of custom designed bikes, which all begin their cherished lives on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC – The Heartland.